duro::array - manipulate Duro arrays


duro::array option arg ?arg ...?


duro::array create tablename ?order? txId

This subcommand creates an array which contains the tuples from table tablename and returns an identifier for the array.

If given, order defines the order of the tuples in the array. order is a list containg pairs of elements. The first element of each pair is an attribute name. The second element must be "asc" or "desc".

duro::array drop arrayId

This subcommand destroys the array arrayId.

duro::array foreach varname arrayId body txId

This subcommand implements a loop where the loop variable varname takes on values from a the Duro array arrayId. The body argument is a Tcl script. For each element of the array arrayId (in order from first to last), duro::array foreach assigns the element to varname, then calls the Tcl interpreter to execute body.

duro::array length arrayId

This subcommand returns the number of elements in the array arrayId.

duro::array index arrayId index txId

This subcommand returns the index'th element of the array arrayId.