DuroDBMS API  1.2
Data Fields
RDB_attr Struct Reference

#include <type.h>

Data Fields

char * name
RDB_expression * defaultp
int options

Detailed Description

This struct is used to specify attribute definitions.

Field Documentation

RDB_expression* RDB_attr::defaultp

If not NULL, this field must point to an RDB_expression structure that specifies the default value for the attribute.

Referenced by RDB_table_attrs().

char* RDB_attr::name

The name of the attribute.

Referenced by RDB_define_subtype(), RDB_new_tuple_type(), and RDB_table_attrs().

int RDB_attr::options

This field is currently ignored. It should be set to zero for compatibility with future versions of DuroDBMS.

RDB_type* RDB_attr::typ

The type of the attribute.

Referenced by RDB_is_subtype(), RDB_new_tuple_type(), and RDB_obj_set_property().

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